Grocery list

I lied. It’s not really a grocery list… But I kind of wish it was.
It’s a to do list.

I’ve just returned home from Thanksgiving with my adopted family in Denver… Who are a group of now-dear friends that I’ve known for close to 20 years. They have shared with me nearly every joy and sadness that I have inflicted upon myself during that long stretch of time. As well as gotten me (and a couple of girlfriends) out of some pretty hot water. (Thanks Z!)

Now that I’ve gotten this big breath of fresh air, it’s time to get to work. I’m getting ready to go back to dive school for a refresher course and need to pass the Navy dive physical again. I have to swim 500 meters in under 12 1/2 minutes (you can doggie paddle this fast) do 42 pushups (all the way up, all the way down) do 50 sit-ups (easy) then run 1 1/2 miles in under 11:30. The run for me is the hardest. I go long…not fast.
So this morning I’m heading out to find a pull up bar and a swimming pool somewhat close to each other.


Hook up and arrange camper for living in. (I just moved spots)
Scout (my sweet Aussie pup) is getting interviewed this weekend for his long stay at my cousin Carries house while I’m Adventuring.

Research how to get from here in Oceanside to LAX in a sane and inexpensive manner with all my things. Leave a day ahead and book a hotel so I will have an tear-accident-traffic and otherwise drama free time getting to the airport. For once.

Lunch. How bout Pho? I love Pho.

Find the old registration for my toy hauler, motorcycle and trailer. It’s buried in my car or truck or camper or storage. This is the game killer.. I unfortunately organize in a way that I call “Layer Theory”. Freaking disaster.
I’m sure this will come up again.

Get on my motorcycle and ride out to the desert. (5 hours) I will spend the night in Tecopa Hot Springs (my happy place) boil myself for dinner then early tomorrow, ride the rest of the way to Las Vegas (1 1/2 hours) where I will get all this stuff properly registered in Nevada.


Ride home.

Unhook truck from camper (the one I’m living in) Go get the 5th wheel from the consignment shop (they can’t sell it and want me to pick it up)

Take it to RV storage, drop it off. Pick up scout.

Get ready for work.
That’s the plan.
What is really going to happen? Probably will look at the weather, the wind will be good for a nice flight at Torrey and I’ll be out the door. Sure I’ll feel guilty, but that never seems to slow the car.

Bombed out

The bomb disposal part… I’m in the Navy reserves now. I spent seven years active duty. I like diving and jumping out of planes and helicopters. I like shooting guns and blowing things up.. But I like paragliding more.

This is a key problem and part of the reason for this trip. In my civilian job, I work outdoors. Clearing bombing ranges. It has it’s ups and downs. Literally. Especially in Southern California. It’s actually a great job for me. I would wither in a cubicle. Even in the worst conditions, I can turn to a fellow and say “at least we’re not in an office.”…most of the time, he agrees right away. Every once in a while, someone gives me the crazy look and snarls “at least we’d be warm!”

But recently, my eyes have been turned skyward, watching the clouds, studying the birds..ravens, red tailed hawks, turkey vultures…the local soaring masters. And my chest tightens.

During the summer months, I would throw my wing in the car and drive myself to Torrey Pines for an easy, light wind ridge flight. But it is nearly dark when I leave the range now. You should not fly in the dark. It is mostly just silly and dangerous. Trees, power lines, fences, rocks. Planes can’t see you. That sort of thing.

So my frustration mounts.

And the bubble pops. I have somehow lost my mind and in the midst of a horrible economy, I am quitting my fancy job and leaving the country. After selling one of my homes for an overall loss earlier this year, I saved enough money to cover my bills for four months and spend up to $2000 a month. For two months. If I want to stay longer, I will have to drink less and be more creative in my choice of accommodations.

So with a month left, and the holidays bearing down, I’m trying to work, buy tickets, get Reserve time knocked out, get medically and dentally ready, research places, get my Brazil visa, sell the bigger ticket items… One camper at least, a car and my storage. Stay positive. I want the administration of this adventure to evaporate and be magically transported to the airport bar drinking a single malt scotch at the steak place waiting to get on my plane.

No magic is happening. Just slow progress.

Mad Mission

The outline is as follows: Colombia for 1 month, Brazil for 3 weeks, Costa Rica for 2 weeks, then…

My plan is to learn how to fly my paraglider as far cross country in the best conditions I can possibly find. My first two weeks will be with a group of amazing Southern California pilots that I already know. The rest of the adventure is going to be free form, meet, greet and fly blue, buttery skies all over South America. I hope to meet pilots from around the world, increase my flying skill, and learn about the local cultures and cuisine.

I have heard from accomplished pilots in the area is that Flying in Colombia is amazing.. Same for Brazil. This is a record setting venue for super long flights and awesome partiers! I will be in Brazil for the opening days of Carnival. I will gopro and photo journal as much of the trip as I can. Edit and publish often and share with you the greatest part of this experience.

This is the first video I made, it is a sunset flight in superlight conditions from Torrey Pines Gliderport.

I can not wait to depart for this adventure… but the getting there seems pretty difficult. if you are interested in the gory details of the planning phase, I will post the turbulence next.. Day or two till the dust from this weekends drill settles.

A confession about me.. (for those who don’t already know me)

I am writing to you for two reasons. Firstly, because I tell everyone about this trip and most people said they wanted to hear and see what the trip is like.. Secondly, I am writing to those of you that have always wanted to do an adventure of their own but felt like it was too much or that they couldn’t.. Or whatever reasons we make up why something doesn’t happen.

It can happen. Careful planning, saving, and desperation for significant change go a long way to making a mad mission into reality.

To those that are just showing up… Here’s the Short story about me…
I like women. I can find something beautiful or compelling about nearly every woman I meet. I love their ways.. I love their psychoses, their big emotion, their tenderness towards things that don’t deserve it, their concern for silly details about themselves that no one else ever seems to notice, and most of all, the way we communicate..( Not always successfully) but in ways that men find trivial and exhausting.. I love the gentle curve where the waist and hips converge, the way our cheeks meet when we’ve done kissing for a moment.. I love it all.

I love living.. Really, really living. I wish I could live everyone’s life twice. I wish I had four hundred years and ten of me to all go out and do everything we could think of.

I love food. I love fresh, cared for food. Food well prepared and well raised or grown. I love to stalk, catch, clean, prepare, serve and eat this abundance. It is visceral. Every step. I eat like I’ve been starving… And maybe I have been. I always feel like I’m starving for new and beautiful experience. I consume life voraciously.

I don’t watch TV. I have watched TV. I know a couple shows, I think there is some value to be had from few programs.. Honestly, I feel as though the television steals hours and days from my life. It’s a silent thief that sneaks away valuable life minutes while you are not paying attention. This is me.. Perhaps TV plays a different role in your life. I do not judge you.

I drink. I dip. I ride my motorcycle fast. I go to places by myself where there is no cel coverage. I don’t wear underwear and I let my dog lick my face. I love every living creature on the planet except for the brown recluse. This creature alone does not escape destruction.

I have had many lovers ( men and women.. Every one of them still beautiful to me in some way) two dogs, three careers and more than my share of wonderful friends. I am very blessed.

Here’s the second video i made… a flight at Blossom and Torrey

This ends the who I am overview.
Go to my next post to check out the plan!