I can almost speak Dog… Well at least one dialect. Scout-ese

I’m used to his proximity and his needs… eating, pooping, running…..rubbing loneliness out of his ears and fur. I’m used to hearing and feeling him shuffling around in my little camper… we are in very close quarters here. 
He settles in for the night just when I do, he grunts and snores and makes a great big sigh when he has done circles, scratched the rug and found the right spot to sleep.
He’s a little bit lazy in the morning and stays in his snoozy pile unless he hears the food bowl or the front door open. 

He’s gone now, I dropped him off in Fallon yesterday with my tenant (I still have a house in NV.) I miss his huge presence.

I’m listening to Etta James, just ate breakfast… A slice of pumpkin pie. With whipped cream. Ive been circling the camper, making small efforts at packing for the trip, making to-do lists, looking at cookbooks to see what I’ll make for Christmas dinner, contemplating if I’ll make coffee or get Starbucks, and peeking at internet articles of Shibari.. The Japanese art of rope bondage… I was describing my neighbor to my  little Japanese friend in Fallon this weekend and were looking online at some articles when we came across this.
Intricate wrapping, knotting and suspending people (not always, but usually nude) over the ground. I think it’s fabulous… but like every other new sport, hobby or interest this takes time to learn.. And while I love thinking about it, I’m pretty sure there’s not much room left between Paragliding, Writing, Cooking, Biking, Running, Paying attention to Scout and actual Work. Bummer.

Three days left ’till i go… Next post will be about the trip, logistics and transportation.

 Hope your Holiday is as interesting as mine..

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  1. Hey Its Paul! February is on its way!!! eh not really still a little ways but am excited For Costarica, or like i said seven eleven which ever comes first 😀

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