I had a beer last night at the Irish pub. It is an all girl staff. 
One gal spoke perfect English. She lived in South Carolina for 11 years.. I’ve been trying to ask her more questions, but she’s super busy. 
I noticed another girl…working the grill. I didn’t get a chance to see her very well, she was busy too… But she looked very nice from behind.
Today, I went back. Cliff (Texan staying at the hostel) told me they had great burgers… You know how I can’t resist a great burger tryout…

I return to the Irish bar and park myself in front of the grill girl. She has no choice.

She says something else, but I no comprende when she talk mas rapido.
 I think she has asked me if I want something to drink.
I get a bottle of water.
Then she says something else… I ask for a hamburguesa. This is where the real trouble happens.. She’s got a great smile and suddenly all my bad Spanish completely leaves me. I remember NO Spanish words at all. She’s smiling at me and trying to ask me what kind of burger… I have no idea, but I do notice the slight lesbian slouch, swagger, t-shirt, the exceptional figure and super short fingernails… Very untypical Colombiana. 

She’s gay.
Definitely….. Almost definitely. 

She calls over her friend at the bar to translate. I want the Murphy burger.

She’s cute and gay. She disappears. Do I run around and try to find her? What would I do anyway, grunt and smile?

I eat my burger. 

She comes back to put something in the fridge… But her very svelte, femme coworker comes in right behind her and slides her hand around her hips for a brief moment. They start singing together….

She’s gay, and has a hot girlfriend?


I pay for my dinner and walk out into the rain.

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