I should stop gushing about how great this city is, but it’s impossible not to. I don’t know how I missed it Friday night, but the best nightlife scene of any town I’ve been to anywhere (a ridiculously lot of places) is exactly five hundred meters from my hostel. Blocks and blocks of bars, restaurants, discotheques, shops… Street vendors selling jewelry, belts, art, food.. It is packed. Everyone seems happy… Holding hands, laughing. There is a lively, positive energy in the air. Tiny, one way streets separate the bustling halves. 

Every place, with few exceptions,  is wide open to the cool, comfortable evening air. It is my guess that to close most doors, you would have to hit the garage door button and roll it down. Many places are the size of a one or two car garage. or smaller. they  only fit six to eight tables. Some are just a counter to buy shots.. Some are a bit larger. One or two are big.  I found steak, wings, Indian food, sushi, Thai, burgers, French, Brazilian, Mexican, English pub and American… There’s much more though. 


It is called the Poblado Zona-Rosa

I stopped in at one bar that had Party Rock Anthem playing… I met the bartender. I can’t remember her name. She is twenty-one, has a brother in Lodi, California who is big into skydiving. He is making a movie. She used to live in Miami. She wants to study gastronomy… and likes to hear paragliding stories. I invited her to dinner. 

I wish there was a way to take a snapshot in time and save Medellin just this way forever.

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