San Felix

  I thought I would feel worse today, but i just feel very sore. Aside from the three beers I consumed immediately upon my arrival, I have been treating myself pretty well… Being gentle with my painful rib.. got my foot up, iced it for a few hours,  drank a lot of water, pumped some ibu.. glad I threw in a giant stash with my first aid kit! 

I want to tell you a little more about San Felix. It is a really cool place. The view of the valley from launch is spectacular. They know this and have shaded stands at the top where you may sit and watch your loved ones hurtle themselves from a precipice.

There are two launches. Each one is owned by a different company. One is a skinny, inclined short-ish stretch of grass… A typical small mountain launch. The other is a fat, square piece of golf course that launches like a ridge. 

Before I left on Sunday, I went to what I  thought was the equipment store. There was a fit, attractive gal with long, poker straight, black hair and a very distinct air of authority about her. She wore a tight,  motorcycle-ish red leather jacket and form fitting black pants with calf high boots to match. (she really just needed a whip to round out the outfit. Whew!)

She leaned on the counter and welcomed me in Spanish. When I spoke, a plain heavy set gal stood up from behind a computer and said, ” I speak English… Would you like to learn to fly?”

In retrospect, I should have told her I can fly pretty well.. it’s my landings that need some work.

I told her no, I was actually coming by to see if she had any Crispis for sale.(flying boots… So you don’t jack your ankle on a bad landing). 
They didn’t, but we struck up a friendly conversation about the site and came to find out that the hot, assertive looking gal was her sister and owner of the operation. They provide paragliding instruction, tandem flights, SIV clinics. and paintball. Not kidding.

Next door, is a canyoning operation… And judging from the appearance of the crew returning from their adventure, it is a wet canyon…  directly down the hill from base operations here.

I think I’ll make another trip back… just to hang out and enjoy the scene. In a couple days. Right now, this seems like a great opportunity to cut some video, learn some more Spanish and work on my book. 

Super bummed the battery in my gopro didn’t last long enough to capture my wreck.

2 thoughts on “San Felix

  1. Hey girl sure looks like you are having a great time. Loved the video of you traveling back on the scooter. You are amazing. Be safe.

    • Hey, Cindy!! Super nice to hear from you! Glad you can follow along on my nutty ride.. Hope you are doing well too.. You’ve definitely had your own.. From what Wendy tells me. Take care.. Love.

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