I’m at my Hostel, “Casa Blanca” waiting to get a taxi to the airport. Had my last plate of bandejas.. (rice and beans) about an hour ago. The one in Roldanillo was still the best one yet. 

Cali has thus far been the lowlight of my experience. One good thing, I’ve had to do better with my Spanish.. Only because the local population has not quite been as accommodating as everywhere else. It’s a big city, with a big city attitude. It’s sprawling and doesn’t really have a center of fun/culture. Much harder to get around, taxi everywhere, no handy metro… There are little pockets of fun.. quite a lot of places to shake your cakes and meet locals doing the same.. Mostly salsa dancing.. ” Parque Perro” was the premier place I found. It is set up just like every small town I went to. But bigger. Grassy park in the middle where you can walk a dog, have an ice cream or hang out with friends… Super fun bars, restaurants and little shops around the outer edge.

I didn’t meet a lot of people here, Rodney moto biker from Australia (great blog w/amazing pics) one debonaire looking guy from Chile, one American guy who I went to the Parque with. I was an ass. I didn’t tell him anything. Until a lot later. The attention was nice… Although I kind of thought he was just being flattering. Aren’t I pretty obvious??  For Chrissake, a cabdriver and the old bicycle guy asked me if I liked girls!
 I still always feel like I’m being evasive if I don’t ‘fess up right away.. and truth be told, it was interesting to take a quick walk into my old life….and it did cross my mind. however, I felt like the outing was getting a little too date-y and I finally had to admit we were looking at the same thing.

Altogether, this time in Colombia has been pure magic. It is a beautiful, wild country.. with a dark history. Many parts of it are still completely unspoiled and unexploited.. due expressly  to it’s checkered past. From the rumors and bar talk I’ve heard, this is soon to change. The minimal exploration has not gone unnoticed by the international community. I pray that this new  industry will not spoil the breathtaking landscape in this tropical paradise. 
Even though the paragliding was better than I could have thought, and I’ve met a raft of fantastic new people, I think that the best thing about coming here for me, was learning about and gaining new, great pride in my own Colombian heritage.

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