Me and Scout are sprawled out on the Astroturf . I took his cone off,  so I could pet his head while we look at the stars. I can see the big dipper.. and I’m looking for Orion, but I can’t see his three-star belt yet.


The camper is parked in Golden, Colorado. Right next to the river… I can roll over and throw a penny in it, I’m so close.


I made two grilled pizzas earlier. Both with the last of the heirloom tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella I got at the farmers market Saturday. On one, I threw some roasted garlic and nicoise olives too.


I’m ruminating a bit about the last few weeks… Scout is hopping around on three legs because he broke out of the camper panicking over a thunderstorm and badly sprained his wrist.. he keeps licking it to death, so he’s got The Cone.


I’m starting to work out again.. today I ran two miles and  hammered out some pull-ups and push-ups. Yesterday, an hour bike ride. My body is creaking and groaning in protest, my legs are like two mushy logs. Thursday I will ride up lookout (if it’s not flyable)


I’m obsessed with flying… I almost got in two wrecks while driving home from work because I was watching paragliders taking off and coming in to land… I live at the bottom of the hill. Less than five minutes from the LZ. Two, if I could make a straight shot at it. It is difficult to do non-flying things at the camper on weekends… if there are pilots in the air. I make myself not go up the mountain… so I can do errands and fix the camper but… I see someone soaring, and I’m in a trance… I study the air they are flying in.. Watch the movement of the wing… how high are they, how quickly are they going up? Down?  Who is it? Should I say F-it and just go?


I have made four flights from Mt. Zion now. I am learning how to judge the conditions here… So far, two sled rides, one epic glass off, one buttery, boaty, evening flight. The last one, there were three women. If I had Amy’s number, there would have been four… I love women pilots. All of them. They are kindred and instantly beautiful to me. That night, I kept thinking about them… and my friend who had broken his hip in a bad landing earlier in the day… I will go visit him in the hospital this week.


It’s a perfect summer evening.. a gentle breeze is cooling my face and arms, Scout is breathing slowly and evenly, every once in a while a big dog sigh. I am happy with my obsession, my sweet broken dog and this spectacular twinkling sky tonight.




5 thoughts on “Stars

  1. Wendy!
    So nice to see you again this evening. Thank you for turning me on to your blog. I have gotten through a few sitting on the back porch listening to the rain and to summer melting into fall. Quite poetic and funny at the same time.

    Winking at Mack and football in white dresses and tiaras fill followed by a gut full of rocks. Nice!

    Let’s do a rode ride sometime if your interested.

  2. Awesome! You available this weekend? I can ride either Saturday or Sunday.

    I’ll be in Moab next weekend. Or we can go after I get back.

    You probably have a more flexible schedule but if I know ahead of time I could cut out of work early and do a weekday afternoon.

    Ride on!

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