A confession about me.. (for those who don’t already know me)

I am writing to you for two reasons. Firstly, because I tell everyone about this trip and most people said they wanted to hear and see what the trip is like.. Secondly, I am writing to those of you that have always wanted to do an adventure of their own but felt like it was too much or that they couldn’t.. Or whatever reasons we make up why something doesn’t happen.

It can happen. Careful planning, saving, and desperation for significant change go a long way to making a mad mission into reality.

To those that are just showing up… Here’s the Short story about me…
I like women. I can find something beautiful or compelling about nearly every woman I meet. I love their ways.. I love their psychoses, their big emotion, their tenderness towards things that don’t deserve it, their concern for silly details about themselves that no one else ever seems to notice, and most of all, the way we communicate..( Not always successfully) but in ways that men find trivial and exhausting.. I love the gentle curve where the waist and hips converge, the way our cheeks meet when we’ve done kissing for a moment.. I love it all.

I love living.. Really, really living. I wish I could live everyone’s life twice. I wish I had four hundred years and ten of me to all go out and do everything we could think of.

I love food. I love fresh, cared for food. Food well prepared and well raised or grown. I love to stalk, catch, clean, prepare, serve and eat this abundance. It is visceral. Every step. I eat like I’ve been starving… And maybe I have been. I always feel like I’m starving for new and beautiful experience. I consume life voraciously.

I don’t watch TV. I have watched TV. I know a couple shows, I think there is some value to be had from few programs.. Honestly, I feel as though the television steals hours and days from my life. It’s a silent thief that sneaks away valuable life minutes while you are not paying attention. This is me.. Perhaps TV plays a different role in your life. I do not judge you.

I drink. I dip. I ride my motorcycle fast. I go to places by myself where there is no cel coverage. I don’t wear underwear and I let my dog lick my face. I love every living creature on the planet except for the brown recluse. This creature alone does not escape destruction.

I have had many lovers ( men and women.. Every one of them still beautiful to me in some way) two dogs, three careers and more than my share of wonderful friends. I am very blessed.

Here’s the second video i made… a flight at Blossom and Torrey

This ends the who I am overview.
Go to my next post to check out the plan!

5 thoughts on “A confession about me.. (for those who don’t already know me)

  1. I am very happy you are living life and not watching it pass you by. Life is for the living, it’s a gift that’s why it’s called the present! Go get em Wen!

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