Mad Mission

The outline is as follows: Colombia for 1 month, Brazil for 3 weeks, Costa Rica for 2 weeks, then…

My plan is to learn how to fly my paraglider as far cross country in the best conditions I can possibly find. My first two weeks will be with a group of amazing Southern California pilots that I already know. The rest of the adventure is going to be free form, meet, greet and fly blue, buttery skies all over South America. I hope to meet pilots from around the world, increase my flying skill, and learn about the local cultures and cuisine.

I have heard from accomplished pilots in the area is that Flying in Colombia is amazing.. Same for Brazil. This is a record setting venue for super long flights and awesome partiers! I will be in Brazil for the opening days of Carnival. I will gopro and photo journal as much of the trip as I can. Edit and publish often and share with you the greatest part of this experience.

This is the first video I made, it is a sunset flight in superlight conditions from Torrey Pines Gliderport.

I can not wait to depart for this adventure… but the getting there seems pretty difficult. if you are interested in the gory details of the planning phase, I will post the turbulence next.. Day or two till the dust from this weekends drill settles.

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