I am entering the final weeks before my departure. Perhaps it is causing me to wax philosophical. I am unsure why this struck me as so worthy of consideration.. maybe my great love of  having a birds-eye view of the world, maybe my perpetual excitement of the ability to  see huge expanses of apparently still unspoiled natural beauty in my own country.

This was on my return flight from Denver. I had recalled this for a friend and she thought I should post it here..

I chose a window seat. I love sitting in the window but it’s a bit of a challenge to make it to the head. Durning drinks service, I squeezed out and made the single trip, I was trapped by the drink and food cart returning to my seat, so while stranded in the wait station, I was able to peek out the tiny  flight attendant porthole. I think I see the Grand Canyon. It’s huge chasm is at the perfect time of day for picturesque viewing. The bottom in deep shadows, striated reds and black and desert tans held down by a perfectly clear blue backdrop. I snapped a few pictures.. And kept wondering if it for sure was the Grand Canyon. Finally the attendant returns to the rear and asks me if I want anything to drink or eat. I said no, but did she know if that was the Grand Canyon?
Attendant: “I don’t have time to look out the window.”
Me: “you never look out the window?”
Attendant: “no. We never have time”
Me “not even a peek?”
Attendant: “no, we’re much too busy for even a peek.”
Me: “what about right now? Surely you have just a second, I think that’s the Grand Canyon down there”
Attendant: “I’m sure I’ve seen it before, this isn’t my first time over it”
Me: “Mine either.. How do you know if it’s the Grand Canyon or not?”
Attendant: “you”ll know it if you see it.”
Me: “I am never sure… I have been to some pretty majestic places and am always curious when I pass over”
Her face pinches up and i fear i may be rapidly approaching arrest..I know I’m pressing her, but I’m too interested in this persons curiosity level and almost don’t let it go.. But I do.
Attendant: “would you like something to drink?”
Me: “No. Thanks”
I felt sad somehow.

Maybe it’s just because they were overworked, underpaid women working for a bankrupt airline with little room in their cabin space for anything else, but it still makes me wonder how we can create interest in things outside our own scope where there is none, or very little. How do we stop paying exclusive attention to our Sprites and crinkly bags of peanuts… how do we encourage others to be thrilled with the world that we live in? How many more people feel like I do? I hope many.

2 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. I have to believe the thrill is there in all of us, but we let our fears drive us from fully immersing ourselves in every moment we have.
    I’m excited to see you embarking on an adventure that I have contemplated (yet irrationalized) for far too long, but even more excited to be able to share a portion with you along the way.

    Big, Fat, Happy thermals…. Here we come!

    • Woo! woo! Mateo! I’m pumped, dude! Missed you at the ridge yesterday, it was on! (little North though)can’t wait! It’s going to be Epic!

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