When I was little, I had flying dreams. I had fantastic dreams that I could soar and I could see the Earth from a loooong way up, I could swoop and glide, and go wherever I wanted to in the air. It was absolutely magical. I was sad to wake up.. I would squeeze my eyes shut right away when I realized I had woken up. I could remember those dreams. Like it really happened… I still remember them today.

I was flying a site in San Bernadino, it is called Marshall. It’s an awesome SoCal flying destination. It has amazing thermal flying, XC opportunity, and a big, beautiful grassy LZ complete with friendly people, a BBQ…. AND a camping area.

I had a great flight and landed. After folding the wing, I wandered over to the sidelines where some people were talking to pilots on a Ham radio.

I asked curiously, “when are you going to fly?”

“Oh, I dont’t fly.”

“Really??” I squeaked… I always find it strange when people tell me they dont want to fly.

I looked at her…“Didn’t you have flying dreams when you were little?”

“No. never.”

I looked around the field, there were three or four others close by and I conducted a little impromptu survey of the ground handlers. Not a single one had the same flying experience that I had…. in their dreams… at any time in their life. Since that day, I have asked many non-pilots and pilots what their dreaming experience was.

The overwhelming majority of pilots I met have had flying dreams… the majority of non-pilots (not wanting to fly ever) have NOT had flying dreams. This is just an observation I have made that I find intensely interesting.. I am continuing my study and when I next meet with a large group of pilots, I will be sure to poll the audience.
Please! Tell me your dream-flight experience.. or Non



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