I dreaded coming to the East Coast. I grew up here. I’ve always felt like more of a West Coast personality, but now, having chosen a contract that allows me to work on my new project without interruption, and being able to immerse myself in the culture and personalities of the DC/Baltimore area, I find myself enjoying my time here.

The local BMW motorcycle shop is ten minutes from the camper, I get to see live Jazz as often as I’m willing to drive into the city, I’m dating again and am meeting some brilliant personalities.. connected to wide smiles and big laughs.. I am so grateful for this, it is like gulping sunshine. Gallup, NM IMG_4784Gila Bend, AZ and Wendover, NV don’t have the concentration of quality lesbians that urban Maryland provides. Alas, the vistas of  I-95 are nowhere near the arid splendor of the Four Corners region, but I think that is the beauty of living a Nomadic life. I carry them around in my heart.. inside me all the time, waiting for the opportuntiy to be told about over a plate of Vodka Rigatoni or Marylad Crabcakes.IMG_3720

I’ve even flown here… well, in PA at Blue Mountain with Pennsylvania Paragliding. No big flights, but still, it’s something. What has been even better is meeting the crowd that flies and lives here. They are warm and bright. I forget too, how much I miss the people that “speak my language” I can talk freely about bubbly air and LZ’s, windspeed, house thermals, clouds and “switchy” wind with abandon! Ahhhh. delight. Even if the conditions are not right, my community is here. and sometimes that’s enough.

Today I am wrangling support for “Women Wheels and Wings”, its a big push so far, but the networking is leading me to meet with some people that are making a difference in our world every day. Educators, filmmakers, writers, and even adventurers. Reaching out has been a reward that I would have never guessed.. even if the campaign is a failure, (which is a constant terror) my experience has thus far been magical. I’ve been feeling like the luckiest girl in the world lately.


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