Nogales.. again

Jan 4th :

I am in hunting camp just outside Nogales, Arizona. I found this spot with the help of a gal from a bike shop 15 miles away. I didn’t want to stay at the Motel 6. It’s too depressing. The whole town is depressing actually.IMG_0173
This is perhaps not camping perfection, but it is pretty nice deal for being so close to the border.. I imagine it being my last camping for awhile.

I’ve got my hammock slung up in a tree and I’m set up 75 yards from hunting camp. Two of the groups are hunting and the other family here to fish in the lake a mile or so away. It is stocked with trout.
Ron, (here to fish) decked out in his best RealTree and open-carry .45 said so.

I asked him about bears
“They’re all up in them hills back there. I’ve been coming here for thirty years and never saw one.”IMG_0191

The campground has no less than one bear-proof trash bin for each of the campers here right now.

We’re in a perfect acoustic bowl.
All conversations, coughs.. belches are clearly audible. I can hear each beer can pop.

Other than that, it’s silent.. One coyote earlier but he’s finished now… He probably saw Ron.

In planning to cross the border in the morning. I feel like I forgot something.. Well, I kind of did. I left my leatherman at Oatman and the small point and shoot camera I bought for the trip is MIA too.

I’m a little nervous and can’t talk to my ESAG because I’m out of cell range but it’s better than the Motel 6, and even with next door recounting their near miss hunting day, I can think clearly in my little blue and green people cocoon. …
Until I hear a bear.  It sounds far off…. I stop breathing.
The hunters have all gone to bed. It is silent except for the noise. I am frozen.
I wait.. It is grumbling… Growling…  Very… Oh Hell. It’s my damn stomach. I’m starving because I ate at three and I don’t want to get up in the cold and cook. I can hear the hunters snoring. I’m sure that was contributing to my audio-hallucination.
I’ll get up in the morning and eat something.


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