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I’m embarking on a trip that I have thought about for several years now. I’ve actually had many great trip ideas but this one I am going to fulfill. I’m leaving my job as an Unexploded Ordnance Technician, which is a direct transfer from my job as Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician in the Navy to go to South America to make super long flights in my paraglider. It is a bit free-form and more than a little unplanned. I’ll be doing some couch surfing and making creative travel decisions as I go.

I’m excited to show and tell you about it. I’ll also be putting you in the front seat on my way there! Please let me know you’re with me by posting replies!
If you want to know more about me, my first post covers the important parts, and you will get to know me much better as you watch me through this window.

11 thoughts on “About Wendy

  1. Hey woman! I just stumbled upon one of your posts. Wow amazing adventure you’ve gotten yourself into. 🙂 I’ll start back from the beginning and catch up to ya. Miss your face. Enjoy and I’ll keep in touch.


    • Hey! Glad to know you are reading! It’s definitely an adventure. I don’t wnt to miss these wonderful moments that are so difficult to recall later and impossible to photograph..

  2. Hey pepper, I loved reading about your trip to Columbia and watching all the videos I’m in the airport in costa Rica headed that way for two weeks of flying on our Tours. I saw the defflation you took, that wing is pretty solid, nice work except for those landings ha ha don’t forget to flare.
    big hug Rob

    • Lol! Thanks Rob! I’ve had some better and worse landings… Thankfully, mostly better! I really hope I get to see you and get some beers. I know you guys are going to have an amazing time here.


  3. Hey Pepper

    Just got back to California and wish I was back in Columbia. Sounds like your adventures are getting better all the time. Hope your feeling better from your mishap. What a ride….
    I won’t be in Rio because when I got back my toe was broke and will have to let it heal for a while before flying again. Was at Torrey but not the same as Columbia. Guess we will have to return for another adventure. Looking forward to getting together soon.


    • Sorry to be missing you in Rio! I have a hotel right in Ipanema, will have a cocktail and a walk on the beach for ya! See you soon, handsome. Heal fast!

  4. Hi Wendy, It was great sharing a beer with you on the mountain. I am still in awe of your intended journey and have taken it upon myself of finding you two some support!!! I have a few good potentials!! What is the best way to contact you!?

  5. Hi, Pepper.
    We met outside Jerry’s restaurant in Fallon, NV in the early morning of July 22, 2013. I’m not sure who spoke first, but I’m glad one of us did. You were wearing a Pura Vida shirt and commented on seeing me on my ’05 GS the night before. I’m sorry but I’ve just gotten round to following up on our conversation – checking out your web site. I see you are now near Baltimore – I grew up in its SE suburbs; went to school downtown. I do miss those Chesapeake Bay crabs! and the Mall in DC, too. It sounds like you are still riding your ’09 silver&black GS. Although the scenery will be different, there should be lovely roads in the Piedmont and Appalachians. I would have enjoyed riding together a while if our paths had been aligned. Here’s to the success of your S.A. project. I’ll check back periodically to see where you are. When you do hit the road, consider a SPOT track, or something similar on your web site(s).
    Best wishes,

    • Ceej!

      Thank you so much for commenting! It was a real pleasure to meet you there, I am getting ready to roll out as soon as my current contract is done. Please be sure to stay in touch, and If I’m anywhere near you, I would love to go for a ride and swap some stories! I’ll be presenting at overland expo next year and will have plenty of good new stories from the road..
      I have a SPOT track and will mail you directly with the link.
      Safe travels!


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